Perhaps you remember that kid's song about how one bone is connected to
the next.  Well, that song actually has some bearing on today's

You see, because of the mechanical connections from one part of the
body to another, a problem in one area (even if that area is not
painful or producing any direct symptoms) can place enough
mechanical stress on other areas to actually damage them and create
symptoms that you might not think would have any relationship to
the first area (the underlying problem). 

This can definitely be the case with sciatica, whether "true" sciatica
from a disc problem in the low back, or "pseudosciatica" from the
piriformis muscle.


Is Spinal Decompression For Real?

In today's video I'll be discussing a relatively new treatment for

sciatica and disc-related pain called spinal decompression.

Some experts dismiss spinal decompression as a bunch of hype,
while others praise it as a breakthrough.

So what's the real story?

Watch today's video and find out.

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