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Dried fruit is by its nature high in energy and a source of fibre. These dried cranberries have a delicious sweetness combined with a unique tart taste. They have been sweetened with pineapple juice.
Cranberries, sweetener (from pineapple), clarified pineapple juice concentrate, sunflower oil.
Single serving size =  30g (approx. 1/4 cup)  
  Per 100g Per single serving
Energy (kJ) 1 491 447
Protein (g) 0.3 0.1
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 82 25
of which total sugars (g) 68.0 20.4
Total fat (g) 0.8 0.2
of which Saturated fat (g) <0.1 <0.03
Dietary fibre (g) 4.6 1.4
Total Sodium (mg) 12 4
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