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Oats are by their nature high in fibre. The oat kernels used to produce these oat flakes have been farmed on dedicated oat-growing fields and stored and milled separately from other grains. They have been laboratory tested to confirm the absence of gluten.
Single serving size =  48g (1/2 cup)  
  Per 100g Per single serving
Energy (kJ) 1 660 798
Protein (g) 14,6 7,0
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 56,0 27,0
of which total sugars (g) 2,1 1,0
Total fat (g) 7,3 3,5
of which Saturated fat (g) 1,0 0,5
Dietary fibre* (g) 10,4 5,0
Total Sodium (mg) 0,0 0,0