Worse than gluten sensitivity? (new #1 gut health threat and how to fix it)…

Every year, digestive disorders affect almost 70 million people in the U.S. alone.

And while stomach issues like heartburn get most of the attention…

A less obvious condition known as “leaky gut syndrome” does just as much damage.

It starts when the protective lining of your small intestine becomes inflamed –allowing everything from undigested food particles to bacteria and other foreign invaders to seep into your bloodstream.

And from there, this escaped toxic material can travel freely through body, triggering more inflammation that affects your entire body – including your brain.

Worse still, even though leaky gut is linked to chronic conditions like Crohn’s disease, food allergies, weight gain, asthma, eczema and even depression…

Many people suffering these destructive symptoms never even discover they have it.

Worst of all, because there are so many possible causes – from a protein found in gluten that opens the gap in your intestinal walls to environmental toxins, hormone imbalances, infections, medication side-effects, stress and more

Leaky gut syndrome is becoming more and more common. And common gut remedies like probiotics won’t fix it.

The good news is, even if you’ve been unknowingly struggling with this for years, there are simple ways to heal your gut and repair the damage…

And this evening, two of the world’s top authorities are joining me for a live webinar to share the best methods for getting rid of leaky gut – and all the health problems that come with it – once and for all.

I first met Jordan Reasoner and Steven Wright three years ago when they interviewed me for their podcast, and their deep knowledge in this area comes from making their own remarkable gut health recoveries.

Not only have they personally beat digestive issues ranging from Celiac to IBS, they’ve refined their strategies into a system that has already helped over 160,000 other sufferers in 157 countries around the world.

And if you know or even suspect that leaky gut syndrome or a related gut health condition is degrading your health and performance, then you absolutely need to be on this call.

The live webinar starts TONIGHT at 5 p.m. Pacific (7 p.m. Central, 8 p.m. Eastern)… and even if you might have a conflict at that time, go ahead and click the link below to register:

==>Click here to register and join me for tonight's live webinar with gut health experts Jordan Reasoner and Steven Wright

If you can’t be there live, you’ll automatically get a link to the replay as soon as it’s available – but only if you register in advance and tell Jordan and Steven where to send it.

Stay Bulletproof,

Dave Asprey, Author of The New York Times Bestseller The Bulletproof Diet