Cashews and Cranberries 100 gram (new)

Flax Oil 250ml

Flax oil 500ml

Flax Powder 600g

Gluten free brown bread flour 470 gram

8 Helpful Uses for Coconut Oil in Your Pet Household

Lime Jellie Sachets

Orange Jelly in a box

Pineapple Jelly in a Box

GO19, Muesli

Mustard bath 500 gram

Organic Virgin Coconut 400ml

Psyllium husks


Xylitol 500g

Xylitol 1kg

Coffee Beans Medium Roast Arabica 1Kg

Cranberries & raisins 100g

Psylluim husks 150g

Alfalfa seeds 100g

Apricot Spread(S/F) 340ml

Psylluim husks 350g

Psylluim husks 550g

Spirulina powder 250g

Xylitol 1.5kg

Stevia, tablets 15g (300)

Stevia Powder 25g

Liquid Sweetener – 150ml Bottle

Xylitol 200g pouch

Xylitol 500g Pouch

Stevia Liquid Sweetener

Xylitol/Stevia 3g Sachet 20 x 3g Pouch

Rice Milk PLUS 500g

Ground Coffee

Coffee beans

Xylitol-1 kg Banting Concept

Xylitol 1 Kg Tanta-Lise

Raw Unheated Untreated Cape Honey